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PikoMat SN-08 - popular model of single needle quilting machine.
PikoMat SN-12-C - high class transfer single needle quilting machine.
PikoMat SN-12-C - European quality, high performance, modern look.


Русская языковая версия будет доступна в ближайшие время...

We offer all types of computerized single needle quilting machines. Because of relatively low interest in these kind of quilting machines all of them we manufacture on request - according to detailed arrangements with Buyer.

Our offer covers both frame quilting machines and the transfer ones ( machines for continuous quilting - from roll to roll ).

Quite popular years before - today are being displaced by more universal multineedle quilting machines. Apart of some individual cases of atypical / customized production the single needle quilting machines are generally applied in cases of production with patterns which are impossible to be obtained using multineedle quilting machines, e.g.:

Single needle quilting machines give the possibility of beautiful, unique and individual designs stitching. However single-needle quilting machines require more space for their assembly - generally twice more than required by multineedle quilting machines.

We are at your disposal regarding any further questions.